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California RV Park

Our flights to Atlanta and then Palm Desert from Daytona were fairly uneventful. There was one screaming fit for about 20 minutes from my youngest who was very tired but wouldn't fall asleep. Planes are pretty interesting places and she didn't want to miss anything. We were starving and got to stop off at the grocery store by our hosts who were selling us their RV. We grabbed a few things and headed to go meet her (the RV). Did I mention we were all sleep deprived and the baby threw up in the car on the ride to the grocery store? But the excitement still hung high. When we made it to the RV, the babies were crawling all over everything and we ate some food. Jason and the previous owner looked things over and got the lay of the land. The RV inspector was on his way and in the meantime they went to the DMV for title transfer. Also our Toad (tow vehicle) that we purchased with the RV is a 92 Suzuki Sidekick, complete with teal paint and pink lightning bolt down the sides. Both the RV and the Sidekick are in very good shape. I don't want to be ageist here, but they were owned by a meticulous 84 year old woman and the care and cleanliness have shone through.

I did lose my cool a little in the grocery store with my 3 year old and I do not like what happened. I talked to my nanny about it (as she is a Medical Medium expert) and she was talking about how heightened adrenals can lead to overreactions. I haven't talked much about my healing journey and how we eat on this blog yet. I certainly don't want to alienate readers. I ascribe to the Medical Medium way of eating and healing. ( This is the link to the adrenal-fatigue podcast. He'll explain better than I will. I know my emotional reactiveness has a lot to do with not just regular fatigue, but to pathogens, heavy-metals and healing past damage caused by years of eating food-like chemicals in processed foods. We have been trying to eat well, but traveling makes it harder. I am still really addicted to processed vegan meats and have a really hard time letting soy go. I am willing but man, old habits...

We have now slept two nights in the RV and so far, we've gotten some sleep. I finally feel ready to go for a run. Stepping out of the baggage claim area to a huge mountain range and the scrub-valley desert sun was awesome, for lack of a better word. The first sunset over the mountains in the RV park was spectacular. We weren't quite ready to go, so we stayed one more night. We've been driving all over to Walmart and Costco to outfit the rig with hangers, food, pans etc...We still don't know what we're doing but that's okay. Hopefully we'll figure it out. Jason and our toddler have been sleeping on one side of the bedroom in a twin bed and me and our littlest have been on the other twin in the rear bedroom. Our nanny has been sleeping on the fold out couch in the living area. Tonight we are going to switch it up and me and the baby are going to take the bigger couch bed and our nanny will switch to the back single bed. I cried once during the night due to lack of space and the baby cried about 3 times and was fed up with me crowding her. We might try to get an air mattress or camping mattress to lay between the beds at some point, but for now we are making do. I have wanted to be resentful at Jason for making us choose the Lazy Daze versus getting a newer fifth wheel with all the slide outs and beds and bunks and island kitchens...But I will say, the quality of this RV is awesome. It was built to last, and that is worth a lot to me too. I know I will adjust, but letting time take time hasn't been one of my strong suits. Just for today, I will let the Universe be in control and I will try to keep up...Amen and Happy Trails.

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