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Undertow- A Short Fiction Story.

She resolved the next day to leave him alone and ignore him as much as possible. She wanted to just focus on herself. She spent her meals focusing on the other participants and looking down at her food. She decided to go on a hike to the stream running through the property after lunch and take a dip in the pool, and maybe get her mind off of wicked thoughts. Being alone was proving challenging for her vivid mind. It had been so long since she felt this kind of desire. She let her thoughts wander to images of his eyes and his laugh, not to mention his arms…thankfully she made phone calls and went to the pool after the hike to the water.

The musings of the other participants around the pool took her mind off of the man with dark eyes who worked in the garden and occasionally ran transport for the center. After washing off the chlorine and getting ready for the evening session she felt like she was doing better. Completely under control. When she got to the session, the theme was sacred sexuality and the power of female seduction. Great…

The leader of the retreat sat up front and gave a lecture on the power of "the Pussy." On being feminine and the power to bring life into the world. She spoke about the “sacred slut” and unleashing the “wild woman within.” The facilitator continued to talked about meeting a man from your depth, from all that you are, not just the “good girl” but the mature, dark, seductive sides as well. This goddess of a woman also asked the women to hold both of these aspects within during the meditation. The retreat leader asked the group to lay back and put one hand on the heart, and the other over the womb. To take a deep breath, release it slowly and ask their bodies, hearts and pussies what they really wanted and to listen during the meditation to all that arose.

She guessed she was really doing this. She took a deep breathe and lie down along with all the other participants while seductive meditation music played in the background. She focused on her breath. She prayed to the goddesses for divine direction. She concentrated on the rise and fall of her chest and the sensation of the air flowing in and out of her nostrils and lungs. She began to think about her day and images of the goddesses she knew. She started to think about how silly she felt and she tried to refocus on the music. She moved her hips with the beat slowly. She asked her body what it wanted. She felt her heartbeat quicken and her throat get tense. Immediately she began to imagine...She saw herself alone in an ancient room on an large, stone altar the size of a queen sized bed. Laying down on all kinds of beautiful woven tapestries, pillows and silk scarves. Surrounding the altar were candelabras. They were tall and the lit candles flickered all over the room and across her silk-draped body. Under the thin layers of purple and red silk her naked body moved with the beat of the music. She was taking in the picture of herself in her mind and her whole body came alive. Dancing on her back by arching and circling her hips to the music and candle flames she felt her arousal begin. She felt her body soften and her sex and heart connection intensify. Her vulva began to fill with blood and she could feel her nipples becoming erect with pleasure against the imaginary silk sliding across them. Then as she was slowly reaching down to feel the heat of her sex between her thighs she felt a new presence in the room. Her eyes began to look around at the flagstone walls drenched in firelight and directly at the foot of the altar all the way across the room sat a man in a chair...

He was sitting back, staring at her desire to play with herself and taking it all in. She saw his eyes lit with inner and outer flames. The darkest eyes she’d ever seen. And then she saw a grin come over his mouth as she was looking at him down her chin and through her open thighs from the table. She knew exactly who he was. The sight of him made her pussy clench with anticipation and excitement. Though she stopped for a second in awe and recognition, she began again to hold his gaze as her hands continued their descent to the apex of her legs. She sat up a little to get a better angle and kept his stare as she slid a finger down her center. To her excitement as soon as she was about to let her fingers begin their internal investigation he stood up and she instinctually stopped moving. Her heart began to pound so hard that she thought she might cum right there just from the intensity of his gaze and him standing up. He slowly walked toward her and she knew she was going to get exactly what she needed. Shadows and firelight danced across him as he came toward her. He wasn’t wearing anything. Oh Godddd. He kept her gaze the entire time and stopped at the base of the altar. Her feet were about 4 inches from the edge where he stood. No words were said. He looked down at her hand resting on her pussy and then flicked his eyes back up to hers. She saw it so clearly now. Deep, dark, hunger. She wanted everything in him. She wanted his control, his thirst, his hunger, his need. His smile had gone and what remained was a clinched jaw and fists. She could see he was having to hold back a cavernous, primal urge. He reached forward and put one knee and both fists on either side of her legs. He began to crawl up to her face, keeping his eyes on hers. She felt him drag along her legs and trip every circuit in her body as he neared her throbbing, open lips. He got to where he was directly over her, his face over her face. His eyes on her eyes. his hips on her hips. his weight, his skin, his heat...He dipped his cheek to her cheek to whisper in her ear and she closed her eyes as his facial stubble grazed her smooth skin. She could smell him. He said, "I've known you before. In another lifetime." She whispered back "I wasn't sure you recognized me." He backed up a little to look down at her face and gave her a reassuring smirk. Propped on one elbow he brushed a hair out of her face and took a deep breath pressing down on her entire body. His hard cock shifted a little between her legs and she shuddered and gasped a little exposing her neck to him as she arched a little toward him. She needed to be closer. His stubble brushed her neck as his lips touched her pulse that was pounding with sweat and desire. She turned her head a little as his lips brushed hers and then devoured her as they both moaned into the abyss. Fireworks and suspension. Nothing and everything happening at once. Space and time stopped and all sound disappeared...

A disclaimer: All details of the story are completely fictional and DID NOT happen in real life. They are based on general events and embellished to create a work of fiction,

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